Having taken a position with Kentik Technologies, I'm currently “in remission”
from being a freelancer. To see an example of my current work, please visit the
Kentik Knowledge Base.
De Lancie Professional Writing Services

Portrait of the ArtistThank you for visiting De Lancie Professional Writing Services. This site was created to provide prospective clients with a convenient way to view samples of my work — technical communications, marketing communications, and documentation — as well as to see feedback from clients who've entrusted me with their projects. My work combines:

  • expert writing and research skills;
  • a proven ability to turn client messaging into successful collateral;
  • a knack for finding a clear path through complex technical topics;
  • a thorough approach that yields publication-ready deliverables that are informative and persuasive.

I typically work directly with clients as an independent contractor. I am well-connected with other skilled professionals in the field, enabling me to bring a larger team to bear as needed for projects of larger scope or shorter deadlines.

As principal, I take great pride in my work and in the positive relationships I've developed with clients over many years of professional experience. To discuss how I can help meet your communication or documentation goals, please contact me, Philip De Lancie.

Writing Samples
MSNBC story The categorized lists below provide links to a wide variety of samples in various areas of technical and marketing communications. The samples fall into four main categories:
Marketing Communications » 

DMP story Assignments covering a broad range of project types for clients including Bosch, Electro-Voice, QSC, Telex, Line 6, Telestream, Meyer Sound, Autodesk, Adobe, and Digidesign:

Technical Marketing » 
Telestream white paper Marketing materials with a more in-depth technical orientation, written for companies such as Telex, Line 6, Telestream, Meyer Sound, and Sonic Solutions:
Documentation » 

DMP story Developer documentation for Web applications (REST, WADL, etc.), XML schema, and large-scale SDKs, as well as standard software manuals (online and print), for companies including Alcatel-Lucent, Gracenote, Roxio/Sonic Solutions, Vigilent, and Daikin Industries:

Articles » 
Telestream white paper Feature articles (over 350 to date) published in trade magazines serving professionals in production, management, and distribution, including Mix, EContent, EMedia, WebTechniques, Digital Video (DV), Digital Content Producer, One to One, Electronic Musician, NewMedia, and Post.